The new millennium poses unique challenges, not the least of which is a concern for the quality of life of our citizenry. Ongoing crises in transportation, water, and the environment beckon the need for sensitivity to these issues from contractors and developers. CMK is no exception. We are involved at all levels of infrastructure development, while maintaining a high level of environmental consciousness. We strive to maximize opportunities for development that are essential to ensuring a high quality of life for future generations.

CMK Contracting Inc.'s primary goal is to continue to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in all our endeavors. Our diverse team of highly qualified professionals provide multiple, well-integrated products and services for our clients. We are the place for "one-stop shopping" a single source that can meet all our customer's construction needs.

CMK's objective is to take our place in the planning and development network of players who are ushering in the new paradigm that will govern construction and development in the 21st century. Our philosophy of being Committed, Meticulous, and Knowledgeable will continue to serve both our clients and our company well. For us, it is a proven formula for success.