A Flexible Industrial Construction Firm Serving Atlanta, GA


CMK has a track record in managing and coordinating construction and site development in the aviation field. Our work has covered major projects for major international airports as well as specialty projects for private airfields and government aviation facilities. Our team understands the unique challenges faced by many developers and project managers in the aviation industry, and we are a reliable partner for cost-effective expertise that ensures a long-lasting aviation environment.


We understand that the modern needs of the transportation industry can be demanding on an everyday basis, but the professional project managers at CMK are ready to serve. From project management to performing work that includes asphalt, concrete, and roadway construction our team delivers professional results and exceptional solutions that help keep the greater Atlanta community on the move.


The program and project management team at CMK have worked with metro transit providers to build, develop, renovate, and finish a wide range of major projects in the public transit industry. Our knowledge in this field, coupled with our commitment to safety and swift turnaround, ensures successful project management and execution.

Light Commercial

Construction projects in the light commercial sector encompass a wide range of specialized projects. In the past, the professionals at CMK have worked with clients to build and manage construction for senior living communities, universities, retail, manufacturing plants, subdivisions, parking lots, and much more. At CMK, we work closely with light commercial clients to understand their diverse project needs and accommodate all of their project requirements.

Heavy Commercial

Heavy commercial work often includes major federal and local government projects. At CMK, we provide a wide range of services and project management expertise to streamline major construction efforts and keep heavy commercial work within the project’s budget and timeline. We’re familiar with overseeing and working in some of the toughest construction environments, and we go the extra mile to uphold the industry’s best safety standards during every phase of the work.

Perfection You Can See

Whether we’re managing your entire project from start to finish or we’re providing professional general contracting services on your job site, CMK is committed to providing the best construction expertise and a dependable dedication to scope, schedule and budget which ensures an exceptional finished result. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our previous work showcased here or to discuss the unique needs of your upcoming project.